Endpoint Node

Intended Audience

    Anyone who wants to send transactions or query the state of Klaytn network using Klaytn APIs needs to do so via an Endpoint Node.
    Endpoint Nodes are the interface to the Klaytn Network.

Endpoint Node Overview

An Endpoint Node has the following roles and functions.
    Synchronize the blockchain data.
    Validate the blocks newly received.
    Handles query requests.
    Transmits transaction requests to the Proxy Nodes.
The Endpoint Node install binary comes with the following interfaces and utilities.
    JSON-RPC APIs: JSON-RPC server runs inside the node, and it exposes APIs for Blockchain Application development. It has several node management APIs as well.
    Command-line Interface: Provides account management and node configuration functions. An interactive JavaScript console is also provided, that is attached to the node. JavaScript console implements most of the caver-js APIs.
Last modified 6mo ago