Klaytn World

KlaytnDocs introduces and explains Klaytn, an enterprise-grade, service-centric platform that brings user-friendly blockchain experience to millions of users. In the following documents, we describe what Klaytn is and provide guidelines and instructions on how to use Klaytn as well as how to interact with the Klaytn network. To better understand Klaytn's vision, mission, and future plans briefly, please visit the Klaytn Position Paper .



Klaytn Vision

Explains the vision of Klaytn and the strategies.

Klaytn World

Describes the Klaytn world including the Klaytn blockchain platform, Enterprise Proxy (EP), and token economy.

Getting Started

Provides guidelines for getting started with Klaytn.

Installation & Operation

Illustrates how to set up and operate Core Cell (CC), Endpoint Node (EN), and Service Chain.


Shows download links for the latest Klaytn packages.

Klaytn API

Presents APIs for node management and application development.

Klaytn SDK

Introduces Klaytn software development kit (SDK).

Klaytn Toolkit

Introduces developer tools for Klaytn.


Demonstrates Klaytn-interacting application development tutorials.


Describes the roadmap for Klaytn.


Provides a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs).


Enumerates terminologies used within KlaytnDocs.

Disclaimer: Some notes are derived from Ethereum documents as the Klaytn source code was initiated from Ethereum’s Byzantium version. As Klaytn develops further, KlaytnDocs and the source code will continue to be updated. Reference websites are as follows: