Klaytn is designed to center users and BApps. The roadmap is planned to realize it step by step as below.

2019 Infra buildup

Focusing on base components (Klaytn & toolkits)

  • Klaytn's most important mission is providing an intuitive development environment and friendly end-user experience.

  • Each component of Klaytn architecture will be improved for stability such as block sync, storage layer improvement. The research of consensus algorithm, multi-VM and cryptography will be started for long-term development. In order to maximize performance of Klaytn and secure a data privacy, Service Chain can be the option for BApp partners.

  • The toolkits are supported to build BApps conveniently including BApp listing and data analytic tools with rich tutorials and documents

Discovering killer BApps

  • With +30 BApp service partners, Klaytn ecosystem will be enriched by embracing various industry domains including games, entertainment, healthcare, finance, etc. We strongly believe that some of our BApps achieve great success through massive user adoption.

2020 Build users up

Data-driven upgrading scalability & compatibility of Klaytn

  • Once being launched, Klaytn will be updated focusing on three challenges; Scalability, Stability and Interoperability. The features and direction are determined by user requirements and data extracted from BApps. The specific items to develop are block archiving, decentralized storage, mobile SDKs, etc.

Expanding user base via BApps

  • The activity of encouraging BApp providers such as community building, Proof of Contribution (PoC) reserve and Klaytn Improvement Reserve (KIR) will be conducted to expand user bases.

2021 Klaytn World

Klaytn will rise to the mainstream, with performance, security and productivity on-par with the traditional internet

  • Klaytn tackles down three challenges in order to make blockchain easier. The users will be able to use Klaytn without noticing it is a blockchain technology. In the meantime, the interchain solution should be considered to bring seamless blockchain experience amongst different types of platforms.