IDE and Tools
This page contains the list of development tools that is available to help smart contract development on Klaytn.
    Klaytn IDE is a browser-based compiler and IDE for the Klaytn smart contracts. Klaytn IDE is forked from Remix 0.7.7.
    You can write, compile, deploy and execute smart contracts from Klaytn IDE.


    Klaytn smart contracts written in Solidity can be compiled and deployed using Truffle. At the moment, Klaytn supports up to Truffle v5.0.26.


    Kaikas is a browser extension wallet for the Klaytn Network. Kaikas empowers you to store and interact with KLAY and your Klaytn-based tokens. Kaikas also enables you to sign transactions from web-based Klaytn BApps in realtime.
    Klaytn Wallet is a browser-based account management tool for the Blockchain Application (BApp) developers. You can create/load your accounts, review your account balance, and transfer KLAY. You can also register your own Klaytn tokens to test basic behaviors.
    Klaytnscope is the block explorer for the Klaytn Network. You can browse and inspect your transactions on the browser.
Last modified 6mo ago